Polska Rugby XIII at the RLEF AGM

By Daniel Andruczyk

This week sees the Challenge Cup final in England being played at the famous Wembley Stadium in London. However the day before the Game the Rugby League European Federation holds is annual conference and AGM. This brings members from all the European Rugby league playing nations together to meet and discuss the strategies for the sport in the future.

This year, with the great developments in Poland the RLEF has asked Polska Rugby XIII to be represented as a observer nation. Lukasz Lucka and Daniel Andruczyk will attend the meeting as well as James Szymik who was part of the GB Pioneers tour earlier last month.

This provides a fantastic opportunity to meet new people in the European rugby League community and to also establish contact and start to plan for the future of PRXIII. Its where new ideas can be obtained on how to grow the sport as well as have an opportunity to ask question and even have an input into how things are being run.

This is a wonderful opportunity for the sport in Poland and I am sure that there will be some exciting new ideas to come from it.

  • Kingsland7

    This is great news! Poland will be an important adition to the RL playing nations, and bridges the geographic gap well between Germany and Russia (Sorry to state the obvious).

    • druzik

      Yes, well I hope that we will be able to make a good contribution to the sport!

  • Dave

    Test comment

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