Polish Rugby League Featured in International Media

By Daniel Andruczyk

Polish Rugby League and the Lodz Rugby League Football Club, who have taken on the moniker the Magpies (sroki in Polish), have been recently featured in Rugby League Review Magazine. The magazine is run by Terry Liberoupolos from Sydney, Australia and is one of the most comprehensive magazined to cover all sides of International Rugby League.

Rugby League Poland’s Dr. Daniel Andruczyk, who was in Poland in September of last year to help with the beginning steps of the sport was able to write the article and also held a training session with players while also talking strategy with Lukasz Lucka who is coordinating things on the ground in Poland.

A town hall meeting was also held in Lodz to help explain to the general public what the sport was all about, presentations from Daniel and Lukasz received lots of good feedback from the people there and over 25 new players turned up the next day for the training session

Daniel is based in the United States, but has been dealing in the sport for many years and has extensive contacts around the world which will be to good use to help the sport grow in Poland.

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