Poles improve in Game 2

By Steve Curtis, 4 July 2012

The GB Pioneers got the second game of the series underway with long kick to the Magpies, some strong running and improved organisation around the play of the ball saw the Magpies complete their first set with a strong kick down the field on the final tackle. This immediately signaled the massive improvements the Magpies are making. The Pioneers moved the ball out wide on the fourth tackle of the returning set putting Joe McClain into a gap for what looked like a certain try only for an outstanding cover tackle and supporting follow up tackle to drive him in to touch, the Magpies meant business! Another completed set from the Magpies.

The deadlock was broken in the 6th Minute when Paddy Comerford scored the first of his brace of tries after some good hands from GB. A couple of unfortunate intercepts and miner handling errors under pressure allowed the Pioneers to cross line 3 more times in the first period.

The Magpies continued to improve their defensive organisation forcing several mistakes from the Pioneers. Łódź were beginning to look structured from the scrum forcing GB in to some top defending.

The Pioneers continued to impress with their slick attacking style and line running and crossed several more times in the second period.

The Łódź players were a lot more vocal than in game 1 with a lot of constructive Rugby League talk coming from them. At the end of the third period the game was 82-0 an improvement of 16 points from the Magpies against a GB Pioneers team that had also improved on game 1.

The Polish players are developing at a tremendous speed, as they prepare for the game on Saturday a joint defensive session is planned with the Pioneers followed by a Touch competition as the Pioneers look to help the RL Polska XIII hone their skill.


Paddy Comerford x 3, Billy Griffiths, Joe Mclean x 4, Deri Galvin, Joe Mills x 2, Rich Squires x 2, Jordan Fairlie, Jack Dawson

Ali Dawson, x 3, Simon Wright x 2, , Ruairi Lynch x 3, , Max Holland, , Luke Handley, Dan Smith, , Chris Martin,.


Rich Squires x 8


The final game of the tour is this Saturday and sees the Polska XIII take on the GB Pioneers.

Saturday, 7th July, 2012:

Polska XIII vs. GB Pioneers

ZSO nr. 1, ul. Czajkowskiego 14, Łódź

Time: 11:00 am

  • Well, a slight improvement on the first game, and a good learning curve for the poles, hopefully it all goes well for them from here.

    • druzik

      Yes the improvement has been great. I really hope that we can get at least one try on Saturday.

  • dragons4eva

    Well done to the Polish lads! A better performance means a better step in the right direction! Hopefully the third game with the best Polish lads will put up an even better fight!

    Well done to both teams!

    • druzik

      Thanks D4A!

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