Poland Growing Slowly but Surely

By Daniel Andruczyk

This week I have had the opportunity to come to Lodz in central Poland to see the progress of the first ever Polish Rugby League Club, the Lodz Rugby League Football Club (LRLFC) and Poland Rugby League in general.


I was able to be involved in a training session and with the club. They now use of great facilities at a Sports School, so a full field to be able to train on twice a week. Of course its a soccer field but it is new and has the full length for a Rugby League Field 100m x 60m. Despite many of the players involved in exams, there were still over 14 people present and interest from some soccer and Union 7s players wanting to try the sport out.

After a few drills and explanation to the newcomers about Rugby League we got into a 1/2 field game where I was able to referee the match. The enthusiasm is undeniable in the players and once their skills are honed in a bit more should make some great players. This was also the first opportunity for myself and Lukasz to start thinking about positions for players and where they will naturally fit into a team.

After the training session, I was able to sit down with Lukasz Lucka and some of the players and discuss what issues the club and the sport has in Poland still. The main thing, as always is money and also equipment. Though some of the basic things like balls and jerseys have been obtained, tackle bags and proper training equipment is impossible to get in Poland and get from overseas as many places don’t sent to Poland, yet.

But it is hoped that with a little help from contacts and also talking with the RLEF some sort of solutions can be found. All this activity is the precursor to some great news soon we hope. So stayed tuned!

Remember if you would like to help Polska Rugby League in any way then please contact Lukasz Lucka and myself with any inquiries.

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