Photos from Day 1 and 2

By Daniel Andruczyk,
Polska Rugby XIII

The GB Pioneers gave arrived in Poland on Friday 29, June, they have conducted the first training sessions with the Lodz Magpies team and checked out the fields where the games will be played this week.

The two teams together.

The GB Pioners Arrive on Friday at Lodz Airport

First Training session with the Lodz magpies Club. This was in the local park where the first ever training sessions were done by the Lodz club, showing the humble beginnings for the Club and Sport in Poland.

The Pioneers team getting a pre-session talk at the sports ground where they will be playing the three matches.

The GB pioneers showing the Lodz players how to do proper scrums at a training session.

The GB Pioneers and Lodz Magpies Photo after training.
  • chris sanders

    This is all very good Daniel!Shows the value of student Rugby League as a catalyst in spreading the game!The start of something big and bring on Russia,Ukraine and Estonia??

    • druzik

      Russia and Ukraine are waaaay down the line…. Estonia needs to get its rugby league program up and running again before anything happens there.

      The pioneers is a bit more than just student Rugby League… they may be students but its a means set up to help get new nations up and running, do PR work and give a new nation every opportunity to kick-start their own programs. It will now come down to us to make the most of this opportunity.

      Other nations in the past have not capitalized on it.

  • Chris Sanders

    Well John Slade has got 6 Rugby League Clubs up and running in Tallin and is begging for any Rugby League side to come to Estonia to give them a game but no one is willing to travel there and look at the lip service that the NZRL,NZ Warriors,Auckland Rugby League and Tas Baiteri gave him when he came to our shores in April in reguards to his Veterans Rugby League 7’s Tournament in Singapore which he wanted to play in November!He had no takers at all.

    • druzik

      I have seen absolutely no evidence of 6 clubs in tallin… there is no ecidence of League in Tallin or Estonia.

      A quick squeeze through John Slades Estonian “Rugby” website, there is only one club, no mention of 6 clubs, and no mention of Rugby League. If he really wanted to play then he would be able to get a game from someone if he wanted.

      Go through the actual Estonian Rugby Union sites and you will see that the 6 clubs are Union ones. You cant just go and say that since they play Union they play league.

      John was always adamant about having Union and League under one guise, the RLEF and RLIF do not accept this, you can jump up and down all you want about it, but that is the truth. If He wants Rugby league there HAS to be a seperate Rugby league federation and board where any money and resources spent go to League and not Union. The RLEF has been burnt too many times with arrangement to know that its not worth doing.

      Also a 7s tournament will not wor, league is 9s, not 7s anymore, 7s is a Union format. The RL federations won’t support this.

      As for promotion, I have not seen any promotion what so ever from John, or the Singaporians about any tournaments or anything, its easy to say that there are no takers when you do not promote.

      Now last thing… I can see that with this post you will once again be attempting to hijack it for your own odds and ends. This is your only and final warning on this. You know I will put bans on.

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