Next Steps for Poland

By Poland Rugby XIII

This week will see a visit from one of Poland Rugby XIII’s founders, Daniel Andruczyk. He arrives from the USA to have talks with Lukasz Lucka, the Lodz Magpies Rugby League club and others about what the next steps are for the sport in the region and the country.

Preparations are already under way for the first full games of Rugby League to be played in Lodz later this year, of which more details will be forthcoming very soon. Daniel’s mission will be to see how best to help Polish Rugby League in their preparations and also to talk about future plans for matches and possibly tournaments.

Though Poland is still a young rugby league country, the Rugby League European Federation have taken a keen interest in what is happening there. Though without a formal national federation, its limited what the RLEF can do, but have been very helpful in their advice and also in getting PRXIII links with different organisations.

Later in the week Daniel will travel to London to meet with the RLEFs Danny Kazandjian to discuss further Polska Rugby XIII. Exciting times ahead for the sport in Europe!

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