Exciting Possibilities for Poland

By Daniel Andruczyk

Last months Rugby League European Federation AGM allowed Poland to be present as observers for the first time.

Lukasz Lucka and Daniel Andruczyk were present in London and were able to meet representatives from a whole host of nations.

They were able to meet Warren Helig, President of Norwegian Rugby League, who was instrumental with Daniel Andruczyk in securing full Rugby League kits for Polish Rugby League from Australia.

Also fellow observer nations like Hungary and Greece were there and some good discussions were had with them about the possibility of playing matches in the future.

James Szymik, who was in POland with the GB Pioneers, was also present to talk with Lucka about how to get the Polish ex-pat population in POland involved more and some strategies have been discussed there.

Overall, it was a very productive weekend for Poland Rugby League and they would like to thank the RLEF for inviting them to be part of this valuable part of the Rugby League calendar.


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