Day 5 of the GB Pioneers Tour

By Daniel Andruczyk

Today saw a a bit of a change of pace for the Łódź Magpies and the touring GB Pioneers team. After Sundays tough encounter the GB Pioneers enjoyed a day off on Monday which saw them go on an excursion to Krakow and to the Nazi Concentration Camp, Auschwitz (Oświęcim).

A it was a great trip, and getting to see one of the great historical and cultural centers of Poland many of the Pioneers players were moved by what they saw.

Tuesday, it was back to training and the Łódź players joined in with a fitness session with the Pioneers players players.

It was the  a training session with some of the school kids that have shown interest in giving the sport a try. The ground where the Łódź Magpies train and the matches are played is at a Sports High School and it was only natural that some of the younger kids there and from surrounding areas would show some interest. Two training sessions were help going through the basics of the sport and getting the kids to have a lot of fun at the same time.

Tomorrow, 4th July, sees the second of the tour matches which will see the Łódź Magpies take on the GB Pioneers once again at 5 pm. This time it will be the remainder of the players that didn’t get a run in the first match. From these two matches the best 17-18 will be chosen and form the inaugural Polska XIII team. This team will take on the GB Pioneers on Saturday, 7th July.

Thursday there will be another session, this time with 70-80 kids from around Łódź. It will be held in one of the many recreational sites in the beautiful national forests around Łódź where a barbecue and fun day is planned for the kids to learn the sport and have some fun doing something new. Who knows maybe some of the parents will try their hand at the sport as well!

Wednesday, 4th July, 2012:

Łódź Magpies vs. GB Pioneers

ZSO nr. 1, ul. Czajkowskiego 14, Łódź

Time: 17:00

Saturday, 7th July, 2012:

Polska XIII vs. GB Pioneers

ZSO nr. 1, ul. Czajkowskiego 14, Łódź

Time: TBA

  • dragons4eva

    awesome post Druzik! Sounds like the Poles are really starting to like/understand Rugby League! Hopefully the small training sessions with the kids can help build up into something for years to come!

    • dragons4eva

      Also…some of the places the Pioneers visited Krakow (which was very historical and beautiful!) and Auschwitz i’ve been to and very moving (the later one at least)! Hopefully the GB boys will have something to take back home with them and leave something for the Polish people in a good way!

      • druzik

        Yes, following some of the players on twitter, judging by their comments they certainly were moved and have taken a lot from that outing. Its good to see something like this give both sides something different to take back.

    • druzik

      Thanks D4A.

      Yes the Junior component is very exciting, in fact today (Thursday) the Pioneers and Magpies are having a Rugby league day in the famous Lagewniki Forest (The only forest in Europe to be situated within a city) where they are having another training day with about 70 kids from 7-12 years old and a suasage sizzle etc… get the parents exposed as well. I think this is a brilliant move on Lukasz’s part. Gets the Pioneers to do something different and also makes it a great fun day out for the kids.

      Juniors will be the key in Poland I feel. This is a great start in that respect.

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