About association

Polska Rugby XIII (PRXIII) is the governing body of the sport of Rugby League in Poland. Its mission is to develop the sport within Poland and use it as a positive developmental tool for the youth of the country to channel their energies in a positive manner.

Currently PRXIII is looking to develop teams within the country with the Lodz Magpies being the first ever Rugby League team in Poland. It also wants to coordinate interested overseas based players and heritage players to help the sport out and to eventually develop the national team that will compete in internationals matches and international tournaments.

The national team will be a mix of local and overseas players, but it is our belief that it needs to be dominated by local players to provide an incentive for them to continue in the sport. Eventually, with full development of the sport, we would like to see the team be selected with the best Polish players weather based locally or overseas.

It is not the intention of Polska Rugby XIII to compete with other sports, we feel there is enough room for all. We will not actively seek to poach players from any other sport that is based in Poland. In fact we feel that working together could mutually benefit everyone. All we merely offer is another sporting alternative for anyone in Poland if they want to try Rugby League.

If anyone would like to be involved in anyway or get more information then please contact myself or Lukasz Lucka here.

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